S.R.L. Closing (LTC)

“Close Company” or “dissolution of the firm”, is a path with three stops:

  • Dissolution of the company,
  • Liquidation Company property, Company
  • Removal of records on Commercial Register Tribunal within the jurisdiction of the company registered office.

In short, Dissolution-Liquidation-Radial.

The law may seem difficult to understand for people without legal training, so we summarize here to give you some general information.


Dissolution may be the consequence of a legal or factual situations and can be the will of the shareholders (if voluntary dissolution), or persons, institutions, factors external circumstances.

Dissolving the company prepares phase winding heritage. In the case of voluntary liquidation, after satisfaction of liabilities to creditors of the company, partners may agree on the distribution of remaining assets.

If this did not reach agreement, the liquidation procedure is carried out according to the law (with the appointment of a liquidator). In case the company is found in insolvency obvious or imminent insolvency, cessation of existence of the legal entity will be the procedure called bankruptcy.

For the case of voluntary liquidation, if the company had sole trading, after payment of any debt, corporate assets is conveyed, without liquidation, the sole and society ceases to exist in input expiration opposition (if not opposition was made) / of the date on which the decision to reject the opposition (or, as applicable, finds that debts were covered) became irrevocable.

The cancellation follows naturally after the steps mentioned. Along with getting the certificate of cancellation, legal person ceases to exist.