Companies changes

In the course of running the activity, within commercial companies can occur certain changes, changes whose registration at the Trade Register is required.

Our company can advise for selecting the best options of making changes in trading society.

We will also edit, submit and pick up all the documents necessary for registration of modifications to the Trade Register.

We can assist and represent you in front of the Trade Register for registration the following changes:

  • assignment of parts;
  • converting legal shape society;
  • lengthening the functioning of trade companies;
  • reducing the duration of functioning of trade companies;
  • temporary suspension/resuming activity;
  • extension/change headquarters;
  • the establishment/termination points;
  • office registration and approval of the work;
  • changing the main activity of the society;
  • alter the object of the society;
  • increase/decrease capital;
  • divisions/mergers of companies.