Activity authorisation

The authorizations for the work points operation are obtained with the registering the point to the Trade Register. If the articles of Association of trade companies were the subject of many secondary activities, of which the intended performance of just a small part, these activities will require authorization.

In case of activities without authorization, sooner or later, behind the checks will incur penalties from the authorities in different fields: Veterinary Health Department (VSD), Department of public health (DPH), Labor Inspectorate (ITM), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which sent inspectors in control.  Fines does not worth the risk.

Permits operation are not the same thing with permits and notices which are obtained from the town hall or from ministries for certain activities (e.g., for bar-restaurant, for labor placement, etc.)

In case you rent a building, to an individual, to the point of work, target Rental contract by the administration of Public Finance. If you rent from a legal person, we will need a copy of the certificate of ownership or administration of the estate.