Change of registered office

Changing the registered office of a company involves recording a statement to that effect in the Trade Register.

This is a procedure on which you should pay a special attention because it has implications for:

  • image and credibility,
  • the easy way of getting hosting headquarters,
  • administration costs of the company,
  • communication and relationships with current or prospective customers and partners,
  • access to related services,
  • speed and ease with which will be recorded mention,
  • Paying status or non-taxable.

It must be present the shareholder / shareholders, the company stamp and copies of all the documents

We will prepare a file that contains the following documents:

  • registration certificate – original copy of the contract
  • Space – the location where it will move its head office (with particulars of the owners)
  • Convenience contract (if applicable) – written by our consultants
  • Certificate of Association owners (if applicable)
  • Resolution of the General Assembly
  • Addendum / Decision sole,
  • Updated Constitutive Act,
  • Delegation.