Extending functioning period

Request for extension of the duration of operation is required in two situations:

1. The company was founded on a determined period, which is due to expire in February.

2. Contract for office space office / work item has expired.

At the start of the procedure, or at some point during the preparation of the case, besides the required documents it is required the shareholder / shareholders, the company stamp and copies of all the documents.

In case the period specified in the contract has expiired we will need a copy of the new contract – the location in which they have registered office or place of business (with particulars of the owner.

If the building is rented from an individual , you need the rental contract covered by the Public Finance Administration. If you have a property rented from a legal person, is required a simple addendum to the rental agreement.

In the event that you enter into a new contract, we also need a copy of the title or the administration of the building.