Extending the registered office

Extending the registered office of a company involves recording a statement to that effect in the Trade Register.

This is a procedure on which you should pay a special attention because it has implications for:

  • image and credibility,
  • the easy way of getting hosting headquarters,
  • administration costs of the company,
  • communication and relationships with current or prospective customers and partners,
  • access to related services.

It must be present the shareholder / shareholders, the company stamp and copies of all the documents.

We will prepare a file that contains the following documents:

  • Legal document establishing headquarters originally made, or the last act that was done as extension
  • Resolution of the General Assembly
  • Addendum / Decision sole,
  • Delegation.

The owner will be space where the head office should make representations to the IRS to get certificate and certificate attesting that the space can be used as an office for a company.

The procedure within Administration takes 5 working days from submission of documentation.