Increase/Decrease capital stock

There are quite frequent cases where  the associations (shareholders) of a company want to increase the stock capital of the company, most likely from judgments of credibility.

To increase or reduce the stock capital it is necessary to register a statement to that effect at the Trade Register.

At the start of the procedure or at some point during the preparation of the case, besides the required documents it is required the shareholder / shareholders, the company stamp and copies of all documents.

In case of a such course, first you have to show up at our office where we will prepare a record of decision of the General Assembly Addendum / Decision sole, Articles of Incorporation Updated delegation.

It must be present the shareholder / shareholders of the company, the  stamp and copies of all company documents. If you proceed with the stock capital increase, with this file you will present to the bank where the money will be deposited as a destination that has a capital increase.