Update identification details

There are cases where the identification data of the company’s founders need to be modified, even if they are partners or shareholders, administrators, auditors, liquidators, people empowered to represent the legal person.

These cases involve procedures at the Trade registry office in where is situated the registered office.

In such situations, it is necessary to present the shareholder/Associates, the company stamp and copies of all documents.

We will draw up a file which will contain the following documents:

  • General Assembly Decision;
  • Additional Act/Decision Sole;
  • Incorporation Updated Document Updated;
  • Delegation.

In a situation where it will be named a new administrator, it will still be required the statement by the Administrator and the specimen signature, signed in front of Notary documents

The file also includes:

  • request for submission and mention acts;
  • certified copies of some of the acts of the resulting new identification data.

If a partnerĀ  has changed his name following dissolution of marriage, it should be attached also:

  • a copy of birth certificate,
  • a copy of marriage certificate / copy of divorce decree (legalized mentioning final and irrevocable), if any
  • a copy of CI / BI