Hosting Registered Office

The procedure of choosing the location where to establish head office for economic entity through which you will carry out activity is one on which you will have to pay special attention.  This is because it has implications on:

o image and credibility

o easy getting the hosting of headquarters

o administrative costs to society

o communication and relationship with clients and with current or future partners

o access to related services

ospeed and easy register the mention

o status of VAT  payer or non payer.


o You do not hold the ownership of a commercial space/a House/an apartment for the registered office of the company (s.r.l., s.n.c., s.c.s, s.c.a., etc.) that you want to establish, or

o although you own a property, you may not get the agreement of the neighbors and of the Association of owners (and, if applicable, of the persons with the right to living in that location), or

o you prefer to register Head Office of commercial company in a modern office building or

o you want to register firm in Bucharest and not in another commune in the country, or if

o you want to move the Headquarters from the country (or abroad) in Bucharest,

then you need the solution that Kontas Management offers to you:


Our hosting service headquarters will spare the formalities for obtaining the agreement of the Association of owners and neighbors, as well as the formalities besides Financial Administration for getting the certificate and document which attest that the space can be used as Head Office for a commercial firm – a procedure that takes 5 business days from the submission of documentation.