Joint-stock company (Jsc)

Joint-stock companies (Jsc) are entities with legal personality that shareholders (individuals and/or legal persons) form  in order to perform acts of trade.

Shareholders respond for the society’s losses only in the limit of shares owned, so they cannot lose more than they invested.

The minimum stock capital of a joint stock is RON  25,000. The contribution to the stock capital represents share of the stock company. The stocks may be nominative (have inscribed the name of the owner), or to the bearer (mere possession worth the title of ownership).

A joint-stock company may also be formed by publishing subscription. The specific formalities for this case are provided by chapter  II of Law 31/1990-Law of trade companies.

This law has been rectified, republished and amended by a series of other normative acts.

The full list of corrections, republishing and modifications, can be consulted on the website of the Chamber of Deputies.