Limited Liability Company (L.T.C)

The limited liability company is a form of trade company whose obligations are guaranteed by social heritage and the associates are obliged only within the limit joint stock subscribed. The capital stock will be fixed by the shareholders according to the needs of society, while respecting the minimum ceiling established by law to the value of 200 Ron.

The company with limited liability may be formed by:

  • the association of two or more associates to develop a trade activity, in order to profit and assignment which respond to social obligations within the limits of their intake;
  • the intake of a single shareholder, owner of all that is social parties; the sole can be an individual or a legal person.

The documents you must provide to us for the registration of the company with limited liability-LLC are:

  • Identity card/passport of the shareholder/Manager and associates.
  • Proof of Head Office (Act of ownership of the space where you want to establish the head office so we can edit the bailment contract/rental contract). If you do not have a space for the establishment of the head office, our company can provide a temporary address for hosting of the head office. So get rid of headaches caused by the need to obtain the signature of your neighbors and of the Association of owners.
  • The agreement of neighbors and the Association of Owner (in case of hosting the head office to a location in an apartment).
  • Specimen signature given in front of a Notary Public.


We will take care of compiling and obtaining all the necessary documents to get a dossier for the registration of the company to the Trade Register, including the name reservation.

The foundation of a trading company regardless of the legal form chosen (company foundation-LLC, SA, SNC):

  • Consulting on company type desired by the client, if it will be or not paying the VAT, as well as other issues of commercial law that may occur depending on the particularity of the case;
  • Reservation of the company’s name;
  • Drafting article of incorporation of the company, which will include: your data, activity, stock capital, inserting Caen codes, working conditions, terms of liquidation, etc;
  • Drawing up the Administrator’s statement and Associate’s statement in a commercial society, that they meet legal conditions;
  • Drawing up the Act of holding the head office (contract of bailment or lease contract);
  • Filing capital;
  • Submission of all documents and presenting in front of the person designated by the Trade Register, in order to obtain the certificate of registration;
  • Lifting certificate of registration and handing it to the client.