Offshore Companies Incorporation

Our team comes to you with an offer that cannot be declined. Due to the fact that we also have offices in Cyprus where you can establish offshore companies, we provide a new offer on the Romanian market. The benefits of founding  an offshore company are obvious.


The service includes all registration fees of the company LTD (registration certificate, the certificate of the Director/Secretary, the Associates, the certificate for registered office, Memorandum and the memorandum in Greek and English) registered office for a period of 1 year + secretarial services for a period of 1 year+ Services Nominee (Hidden Director and Hidden Associate)+ Opening a bank account at a bank in Cyprus+ Debit Card attached  to the bank account+ Signature in accordance with the Hague Convention for each document our fee.

Other services which you can benefit:

-Change of registered office

-Change of Director/Associate/Company Name

-In the case of services nominee (Director/ hidden Associate) legal empowerment for representation

-VAT/VIES Registration number

For registering your society in Cyprus we need the following information and documents:

-3 options of names;

-copy of an identity card (ID card/passport);

-A utility bill showing the address of one of the associates.

In a relatively short time of 3-4 weeks * you can be the owner of a Limited type society in Cyprus, with which you can save all the fees you currently pay for the Romanian State.

 In case that the time it takes for a firm foundation seem to be long, you can choose for our offer of firms “shelf companies”, companies already established and preserved in a State of suspension, in which changing data associates with your data lasts no more than 10 days.

*The foundation period may be larger than the term release depending on the Register schedule of Cyprus.

 Due to the that Cyprus is part of the European Union from 2004 and between Cyprus and Romania there is a convention to avoid double taxation, you can develop commercial activities with minimum costs and fees.

Cyprus is situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, at the intersection of the roads connecting three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cyprus became an independent Republic in 1960. The government structure is similar to that of other democratic States in the West where human rights, political freedom of expression and private property are guarded and respected.

Cyprus became a Member State of the European Union on May 1st 2004. This entry in the European Union increased stability and safety in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a country with a private economy in which the role of government limited to regulating, supervision and planning of public utilities.

Unlike Romania, the companies founded in Cyprus have 0 taxes.

There are also available excellent banking facilities through a number of onshore, offshore banks and specialized financial institutions that operate on the island.

Since the introduction of more than 25 years ago of the concept of “offshore”, Cyprus has proved to be a trustful international financial centre. Small fees, transaction control freedom, excellent facilities in telecommunications as well as numerous other advantages offered, brought Cyprus on top of the international financial centers.

Progressive Legislation

The legal system in Cyprus is based on the same principles as the English legal system.

Flexibility in the structure of the company

oa single director or shareholder is enough for the company registration

othe shareholder and the director may be the same person, and it is not necessary to be resident

othe shareholder and the director may be individuals or legal persons

oit is necessary to have a secretary

Privacy Policy

The identity of the shareholders or directors must be made public.

To ensure complete confidentiality we offer associated services and directory name.

The identity of the real owner of the company is protected by law.

Shares and stock capital

The consideration in the capital can be in cash or in kind, and through the transfer other assets.

The standard stock capital is 1000 Euro.

Taxation of profits of an IBC company in Cyprus

IBC companies in Cyprus are divided in two categories:  Residents and non-resident.  Resident companies are companies which have managers resident in Cyprus and management are carried out in Cyprus.  These companies are taxed 10% of the profit.  Non-resident companies are those firms that do not have managers resident in Cyprus, the management is done out of the country, and there is no income generated in the territory of Cyprus.  These companies ARE NOT SUBJECT TO TAXATION.

Accounting and annual financial reporting

Annual audited reports accounts must be submitted by an authorized independent auditor.

IBC Companies registered in Cyprus can take place any legal activities and in addition Cypriot resident companies can benefit from treaties to avoid double taxation. Cyprus has dealt with over 40 countries.

Offshore companies (Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands-BVI)

Registration Costs include the following:

-corporate organizational documents, resolutions, stocks certificates, company records;

– bank account with internet banking and current account card attached;

– stamp;

-the first year of the registered office and secretarial services;

-services nominee (associate+ hidden director);

-the Hague Recognition for all documents.

For companies incorporated in the Seychelles, Belize and BVI accounting and auditing are not binding.

Tax on profits and dividends 0%